You can contact me to commission a range of services:

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Review
  4. Communications
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Training or Workshops
  7. Assessment
  8. Report writing
  9. Guidance
  10. Campaign support
  11. Setting up
    1. Youth to Parliament services
    2. Youth Councils
    3. Youth-led Boards of Trustees
    4. Youth Advisory Boards
    5. Recruitment of young people to be Advisors, Trustees, Trainers

Bespoke quotes given for day rates, group rates + expenses.

Fixed rate assessment

Discounts for outcome-based commissions, return commissions, charities and young people.

All profits will fund my pro bono social enterprise work for:

  1. The #iwill campaign – for youth volunteering opportunities
  2. The Royal Commonwealth Society – support young leaders
  3. One-to-one coaching of young representatives

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